About Aletta

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My background

Growing up on an island of 3000 people wasn't without its challenges, but looking back at my life from 20+ years ago its easy to see how obsessed with healthy eating and natural nutrition was ingrained in me by all those granola crunching, kombucha brewing (yes people were doing it 20 years ago too!), apple cider vinegar conditioner loving, mamas of Quadra Island, BC.



The BeginningĀ of a Passion

My love affair with food really started when I hit 19 and went to travel a year in Australia with some friends. Until then, I considered myself an exotic eater because I was totally down with the Spicy Grilled Tuna at the local sushi place. It wasn't until I was 19 that I even tried my first Avocado! I had tried dabbling with a dairy free lifestyle before that as I had been born allergic to dairy but grew out of it and had been fed all the ice cream, milk and cheese one could handle growing up. I started to notice in my final year of high school that I was always bloated, low energy and gassy (the worst). I gave up dairy and immediately felt the benefits, but was still eating a lot of processed foods.
As I got older I started to spend more and more time online, looking up nutritional information on different foods and the benefits they had on our body. It satisfied this part of me that had always been fascinated by the human body and even wanted to grow up to be a doctor one day.
So I was eating pretty healthy (compared to most people I knew) when I started getting some awful symptoms again. The bad as I experienced as a teenager/20-something was back and with a vengeance. What was different this time was the aroma - it smelled like rotten eggs! (Sorry if this is too much detail for you!) I was eating poached eggs nearly every day for breakfast with some dry whole wheat toast and avocado - surely that healthy breakfast wasn't causing this?
I sought out a Naturopathic doctor who did some blood work and was shocked by the results, in addition to having an intolerance to eggs (not so shocking), I also had intolerances to a number of foods including Gluten. I was thrown for a loop, all my favourite foods were right there on this list in some degree. I took the challenge head on and dove right into a gluten free lifestyle but that came with its own challenges. I had always eaten so much bread that was where I was used to most of my fibre came from. What resulted from this sudden change was about 9 months of struggling (literally) with constipation which resulted in hemorrhoids. I was at my wits end, no matter how hard I tried to fix what was going wrong in my body another issue would pop up. I spiralled back into a habit of eating whatever I wanted because it didn't seem to matter. I put on weight, the gas came back, random eczema on my face I could never get rid of, an iron deficiency, all these things left me exhausted and unmotivated. Things at work got increasingly stressful and I reached my breaking point. I had to get back on the wagon and try harder than ever. I enlisted the support of the free app My Fitness Pal to ensure I was getting enough fibre and iron and even started brewing my own kombucha. Today my diet is still never perfect (I cannot resist a piece of pizza after a night out) but its getting there, and I know not to beat myself up over what I think the "perfect" diet should be. I eat what I want, I strive to make it the healthiest I can, and I hope to inspire others who have shared the same struggle as me.
"Perfect people aren't real, real people aren't perfect, so you must decide either to hate me for my flaws or to love me for being real"